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By accessing and using this website, the user declares that (s)he has read, understood and accepted the Terms and Conditions described in this site, without need for any further action or consent.


The content of the Website, in absence of other indication, is the intellectual property of the Operator, and as that, is protected by the intellectual property rights. All rights are reserved by the Operator regarding the use of the published contents (textual and graphic indication, incorporated images and visual elements, product range names, photos etc.). The use of the Website or any part therefor is exclusively possible with prior, expressed, written permission of the Operator. The visitor can save or print certain parts of the site – exclusively for personal purposes (direct or indirect business purposes are excluded) – but shall not use, diffuse, store in a database, make it downloadable or release the copied pages. Borrowing the content of the Website is only possible by referencing the website, on condition that the borrower cannot modify the original information, and displays the reference to the Website. All the uses beyond this framework need the approval of the author. In case of unauthorized use, or use beyond the frames of the authorization the Operator is entitled to proceed against the borrower in accordance with the nature of the right violation.


The Operator is not responsible for any damage of the Website’s visitors related to the access and the use of the Website, neither to the absence of the access or the impossibility to use the Website, beyond the control of the Operator. The Operator shall at all times indicate if a content provided by third parties or borrowed from them is published on the Website, by naming the provider and linking the website / external access of the content. The Operator is not responsible for the above mentioned external contents, for their accuracy, change or the defaults of the links. The Operator shall delete or modify the external content links in case of request of the entitled provider.


To help the use of the website, www.dreamrooms.pt uses anonym visitor identifiers, the so-called “cookies”. The “cookies” are small piece of data necessary to visit the page that are transferred temporarily from the browser to the hard disk of your computer while visiting the webpage.